PRINTSCAN: In-line silk-screen print inspection

Optimize production processes, improve quality and reduce costs.

Increasingly, more and larger glass surfaces are being used in the automotive industry in recent years. At the same time the demands on glass regarding its functionality and technical characteristics have increased, and as a result, also increased the quality requirements in the production processes. A particularly difficult challenge is screen printing on glass.

PRINTSCAN is a 100% in-line inspection solution for quality and process control. It offers consistently reliable and uniform quality control of glass. In addition to its basic functions, the system offers a wide variety of useful tools. It helps to increase quality efficiently and effectively, and to improve the production process. Logging and reporting tools contribute to the generation of validated quality reports and provision of a reliable basis for understanding the production process. PRINTSCAN - a system for automatic, optical, 100% in-line inspection of silk-screen printing processes applied to automotive glass.

  • Reduction of production costs, saving of resources
  • Early recognition of defective semi-finished products (inspection immediately
    after printing, and before bending or lamination)
  • Improved print quality by printing according to defined standards
  • Early identification of  repeat defects
  • Increase of throughput, process optimization

  • 100% fully automated, optical, in-line silk-screen print inspection
  • Detects faults in:
    • Logo printing
    • Missing dot grids
    • Interruptions in printed grids (rear window defrosters)

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