Innovative Inspection Technology For Pattern Glass

Make Invisible Defects Visible


is the fully automated system for the optical inspection of the patterned glass ribbon. It is designed to do it in the most effective way and can be located directly after the furnace and cooling zones. The requirement to detect and distinguish defects – typically open and closed bubbles, stones and knots – in this harsh environment is challenging. Nevertheless PATTERNSCAN does the job rapidly, reliably, and efficiently.


is the inspection solution for patterned sheet glass. To ensure defect-free solar cover glass it usually installed right after the washing zone. Based on nearly the same technology features as the inspection system for ribbon, and due to the ultrafast pattern-switching, multi-mode LED illumination, with only a single camera or bank of cameras, a theoretically unlimited number of differently illuminated views can be generated. The information from different views is used to achieve reliable and advanced defect classification. The result: defects previously classified as invisible and undistinguishable become visible.

  • Multi-mode, multi-dimensional illumination by advanced LED technology
  • Achievement of greater lighting benefit with fewer components
  • Best line yield due to learning defect classification
  • Outstanding defect detection performance - “Invisible” defects become visible
  • Process optimization, low operating costs, increased profitability

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