3D Measurement: Non-Contact, Non Laser, Fast, Accurate and In-line

FORMSCAN is a fully automated system for form measurement on curved sheets in every dimension. Using reflection the system measures the facing surfaces of clear and coloured glass – either single or laminated screens – including shadeband and blackprint. To ensure the quality of lamination in advance the system is additionally able to detect distances between unlaminated pairs of screens.

FORMSCAN is designed to work effectively contact free - and realized a typical working distance of about 1000 mm to offer overall flexibility. The system offers in real-time about 1.000.000 raw measurement points per square-meter. Advanced, fast routines enable an overall picture of the highest reliable precision – accurate to a few 0.1 mm. Data-processing determines deviations of the overall form, the distance between unlaminated pairs and of course the reflected optical distortion.

FORMSCAN is designed for 100% in-line measurement and the superior technology is capable of measuring glass of any size.

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