FLOATSCAN - Hotgauge

Inline thickness measurement at the hot end

FLOATSCAN-Hotgauge is used for measuring the glass thickness and width. The system is based on the principle of double reflection, which ensures the highest possible precision and returns highly accurate measurement values. This system can be employed at the earliest possible position in the process: directly behind the float bath or immediately in front of the annealing lehr.

Special features include:
  • Measurement of the thickness of the entire glass ribbon just after leaving the furnace
  • The system can be installed above or below the glass
  • Highest precision up to 0.005 mm
  • Integrated temperature measurement using pyrometer (optional)
  • System functions:
    • Absolute thickness profile with compensation of glass temperature
    • Determination of ribbon width (net and gross)
    • Measurement of ribbon position and top roller
    • Determination of tonnage (net and gross)

  • Various possibilities for online visualization:
    • Various settings possible
    • Connection to FLOATSCAN-QIS system possible
Decisive advantages:
  • Earliest possible measurement of glass thickness and width in the process
  • Due to the high measurement accuracy, glass production can be carried out at the lowest tolerance levels of
    glass thickness
  • Quick, reliable detection of thickness variations and thickness changes

Download: Brochure FLOATSCAN - Hotgauge

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