FLOATSCAN - Coldgauge & Stress

Precise measurement of glass thickness and stress

FLOATSCAN-Coldgauge & Stress measures the profile of the glass thickness and the glass stress in the "cold" section of the float line.

Special features include:
  • Measurement of glass thickness and glass stress over the entire glass width
  • Various possibilities for the online display of the measurement results such as:
    • Warm stress profile
    • Continuous stress profile
    • Cold stress profile
    • Thickness profile
    • Glass width
    • Determination of ribbon position and width (net, gross)
    • Calculation of tonnage (net, gross)
    • False color representation of glass thickness
    • Trend display
  • Connection to FLOATSCAN-QIS system possible

Decisive advantages:
  • Recording of glass thickness, width and stress during the process
  • Due to the high measurement accuracy, glass production can be carried out at the lowest tolerance levels of
    glass thickness
  • Quick, reliable detection of thickness and stress changes

Download: Brochure FLOATSCAN - Coldgauge & Stress

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