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Perfect glass requires perfect inspection - only a permanent monitoring of the process in the float glass area ensures desired quality and productivity. To ensure this, a highly innovative product portfolio of optical inspection system is available for the entire range of float glass inspection. It helps significantly in optimizing the production process and increasing quality. The inspection systems are placed in operation at every step of the production chain, not only to inspect visual defects and for quality control purposes, but also as a means to optimize the processes themselves. They offer far more than simply inspection functions.

Patented quality inspection and measurement solutions along the complete process chain,
from the hot-end to the cold-end, from inline coating to finished plates

  Inline thickness measurement at the hot end
(earliest possible position between tin bath and the annealing lehr)
  Inline defect inspection (distorting and point defects)
  Inline optical measurement
  Inline thickness measurement at the cold end
  Stress measurement of glass
  Inline coating inspection

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Download: Brochure Floatscan Product Line
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