ISRA SURFACE VISION belongs to the international ISRA VISION GROUP. The company disposes of the world's most complete product portfolio for optical glass inspection. Its products make each stage of production in the glass industry controllable.

As a globally oriented firm, ISRA SURFACE VISION occupies a worldwide top position regarding technology competence and efficiency for the optical inspection of glass in all relevant markets. Since its founding, the company has striven to continuously open up new applications and branches by systematically developing its know-how.

The company's success story is characterized by a dynamic development in turnover over the last few years as well as by hundreds of realized projects at leading manufacturers from all fields of glass production.

Product lines in the form of standard products or customer-specific solutions are available for all areas of glass production:

Float glass

The FLOATSCAN product line provides inline and offline measurement systems for:

· the thickness and width measurement at the hot or cold ends of the glass ribbon
· the measurement of reflected and transmitted optical distortions
· the detection of point defects such as scratches, bubbles, tin drops or inclusions
· in-process quality information and its management
· the glass thickness and stress profile at the cold end of the glass line using Coldgauge & Stress
· the inspection of display glass for CRT/LCD screens

Curved and automotive glass

The SCREENSCAN products measure and monitor glass (both inline and offline) for:

· optical distortions
· the curvature of curved screens
· point defects such as scratches, bubbles, inclusions, foreign objects or tin drops.

Coated glass

POWERSCAN comprises the 100% inline inspection of various coatings for diverse defect types, including for example:

· inline inspection for different coatings: Low-E, ITO, anti-reflective
· inspection of all surface, breakaway and edge defects

For all glass types

· POWERSCAN assumes the inspection of edge defects, chips or incipient cracks
· Inspection of printed and patterned glass
· 2D and 3D Robot Vision systems guide robots during inline glass handling


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