Are you a student in an engineering or natural sciences subject? Then why don't you join us at ISRA GLASS VISION GmbH as an intern or working student? You will be able to gather valuable experiences in the optical quality inspection of glass alongside your studies. One interesting side-effect: once you have successfully graduated, you will already have a foot in the door for getting employed at one of the world's leading companies. Don't hesitate to contact us!


ISRA can provide you with internships or practical terms in line with the regulations of your university or college. You will acquire know-how and practical skills for free and on top of that receive a financial allowance to cover your costs of living. Of course you can also just come and take a peek at what working at ISRA is like. Internships are subject to the regulations of the student's university or college.

Working student places

After a couple of years of study, your career aspirations will be starting to become more distinct. A subject-related employment as a working student at ISRA can be just the right thing. We would be glad to inform you of the available possibilities for gaining practical work experience and exchanging ideas with professionals. Of course working students receive a fixed salary, the amount of which depends on your individual qualifications.

Are you interested? We would be pleased to hear from you either by


or send your job application by mail to:

Human Resources
Industriestra├če 14
64297 Darmstadt

Tel. +49 (0) 61 51 / 948-182
Fax. +49 (0) 61 51 / 948-140


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